Blue Sky Bakery-Mixed Berry Scones

Welcome back to another day with Chicago Sweet Treats!

This morning I stopped by the lovely Blue Sky Bakery in North Center. This adorable little shop is decorated exactly like the perfect living room, with a pink typewriter, fresh flowers, pictures of Audrey Hepburn, cookbooks, a blue bicycle, and friendly smiles all around.


It smells like a heavenly bakery with fresh dough, muffins, scones, and wafting coffee in the air the minute you walk in. The pastel colored plates make for a perfect platter for fresh food.


I tried the mixed berry scones with iced coffee and was far from disappointed. The soft dough, fresh coffee, and whole fruit made it a great way to start off my day.


The best part about Blue Sky Bakery is that they are a nonprofit organization raising the edible consciousness of their community by providing transitional employment to at-risk youth.

Check out their video below:

Along with their handmade sweet treats of the highest quality and socially conscious mission, what’s not to love about this sweet little bakery?

That’s it for today! For more sweet treat stories check out my first post about Sugar Fixe Patisserie’s $2 macarons, and come back soon to find about other bakeries around Chicago.

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Have the sweetest day,

xoxo, Charlene


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