Eva’s Cafe-Monkey Bread and Red Vanilla Lattes

Welcome to another installment of Chicago Sweet Treats!


The comforts of home are not far at the cozy Eva’s Cafe in Old Town. The intimate cafe is right off of the Sedgewick Brown Line, and has free wifi, numerous comfy chairs and couches, large tables for group work, and printing. It is simply the perfect place to quietly study and get work done.


The paintings on the wall, antique trinkets and warm sepia and maroon tones throughout the shop look exactly like your favorite Aunt’s living room. You can practically hear the walls whisper stories of a forgotten time, and you won’t want to leave anytime soon.


I enjoyed the monkey bread pastry, which pulled apart easily and had the perfect balance of sweet cinnamon. I also had a large red vanilla latte and one of their Nutella banana sandwiches on whole wheat bread while I worked, all of which left me happy, healthy and full.


I loved this place so much I even ran a gift card giveaway on the Chicago Sweet Treats Instagram account, for a $10 gift card to the lovely Eva’s Cafe. The lucky winner was the affordable lifestyle blogger Hanna Hammond, who runs the South2City blog page.


Overall, Eva’s Cafe is a place you will want to go to again and again, and share its easy location with all your closest friends.

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Have the sweetest day!

xoxo, Charlene

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