Miranda Mo: Home Cook, Traveler, and Coder

Hi, and welcome back to another installment of Chicago Sweet Treats “Sweetheart of the Week!”

This week we have Miranda Mo, a Computer Science grad student who is a part-time home cook and traveler, and a full-time foodie. Mo lives in downtown Chicago and loves to enjoy various types of cuisines in different places.

She runs the Miranda Cooks Instagram and blog where she shares her delicious homemade meals and recipes.

What inspired you to start cooking?


Tteokbokki, with pork belly, bell peppers and fish cakes. Courtesy of Miranda Mo.

When I moved to a small town in Oregon 8 years ago and food from home was not very easily accessible, I decided to consult with my mom and develop my own recipes for Asian, mainly Chinese food!

What is the one kitchen tool you can’t live without?

I would have to say my global knife! I’ve been using it for 3 years, and it’s my baby.

What is your favorite sweet treat to eat?

I don’t have the biggest sweet tooth but when I have cravings I tend to go for matcha and coffee flavored things like espresso gelato or matcha creme brulee.

What is your favorite meal to cook and dessert to make?

Rice noodles in braised ribs and tofu, with baby ok Choy, dried shrimp, and an osen tamago. Courtesy of Miranda Mo.

Definitely any type of noodle soup! It’s hearty, has a variety of ingredients, and for sure a pick-me-up on cold Chicago winter days. I like to make matcha creme brûlée for dessert most of the time!

What are the most enjoyable and most difficult parts of making desserts?

Acai bowl with coconut flanes, chia seeds, mango, mixed berries, banana and granola. Courtesy of Miranda Mo.

I would say the most enjoyable part is the finishing touches with finesse, and share it with people you love. The most difficult part would be timing and temperature control, especially with something delicate like soufflés.

Do you have a favorite bakery/dessert place in Chicago?

I love getting gelato from Eataly and Amorino, waffle dessert from Taipei cafe, also Bohemian house has amazing brunch dessert crepes!

What trends are you noticing in the dessert/sweet treat scene?

I love that there are many up and coming individualized dessert places in the Chicagoland area! I’ve been meaning to check out the marshmallow cafe up north!

Pho with tripe, meatballs, tendons, shank, and rare brisket topped with fresh herbs. Courtesy of Miranda Mo.

Check out Miranda’s Facebook and for more info on Miranda Cooks!

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Have the sweetest day!

xoxo, Charlene

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