Chicago Sweet Treats and Healthy Eats

Chicago is known for our sweet treats and healthy eats, which is why Chicago Sweet Treats wanted to show a map of the best farmers market and bakeries to go to! The map below shows all the active Chicago Farmers Markets all over the city, the dates and times that they are open and what neighborhood they are located in.

The map below shows all the Chicago bakeries and restaurants that Chicago Sweet Treats has visited and reviewed over the past few weeks. Chicago pastry chefs and bakers are truly one of a kind. Joliet Junior College Chef Andy Chlebana is a Chicago baker competing in Food Network’s Best Baker Contest for $25,000 on Wednesday, October 4.

Chicago is also known for its plethora of farmers markets. The one located in Bridgeport had its first year this year and was vastly popular. For their final Sunday City Market seventeen vendors, live chef demos and free bike safety checks.

From the north side to the south and west side, Chicago has a lot to offer in terms of sweet treats and healthy eats. What are some of your favorites below?

Courtesy of Chicago Data Portal

Have the sweetest day!

xoxo, Charlene

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