Sparrow-Grasshopper Cocktail

Welcome back to another installment of Chicago Sweet Treats!

Today we’re traveling to a cozy River North bar with Cuban flair and rum-centric drinks called Sparrow. This swanky place is in a renovated 1927 art deco building and is just a hop skip from the Clark and Division Red Line stop.

Upon entering this secretive establishment behind an unassuming door on a Wednesday night I found bartenders elegantly dancing their way through making drinks, patrons laughing, and soft Cuban music playing. Their comfortable leather chairs and menu were inviting.


Since I prefer sweeter drinks I went for the Grasshopper Cocktail. The sweet, mint-flavored drink gets its signature green color from the Creme de menthe, and tasted exactly like a boozy version of a McDonald’s Shamrock Shake. It went down smoothly and the balance of flavors was just right. I highly recommend checking out this bar if you haven’t gotten the chance to.

Have the sweetest day!

xoxo, Charlene

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