South Side Pie Challenge donates proceeds to Hyde Park and Kenwood Hunger Programs

Julie Vassilatos and Kate Agarwal created the annual South Side Pie Challenge in 2012. The event is a fundraiser, donating 100 percent of proceeds to the Hyde Park and Kenwood Hunger Programs.

The event has four categories: fruit, nut, crème, and pumpkin/sweet potato. Each category is judged by professional pastry chefs and general restaurant managers.

No one should be intimidated by this, though. Vassilatos said it’s anyone’s game. In fact, her daughter won a second place ribbon when she was 9, the first time she had ever baked pie.

“She has not repeated that performance, much to her chagrin,” Vassilatos said.

This year the South Side Pie Challenge will be held on November 4 from 2-5 p.m. at the Hyde Park Neighborhood Club. The event is free, but pies are $3 a slice and include a cup of coffee.

Music courtesy of Brian Smith. To listen to “Happy,” click here.

Header image courtesy of the South Side Pie Challenge.

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