Julie Gordon, Owner of Inspiring Kitchen

Julie Gordon of Inspiring Kitchen is this week’s, “Sweetheart of the Week!” We dive into her love and expertise of kitchen interior design, utensils, recipes, Chicago bakeries, and of course ice-cream!

Amy Arnold: Corporate Pastry Chef of Four Corners Tavern Group

Corporate Pastry Chef Amy Arnold is this week’s “Sweetheart of the Week!” The mastermind behind dessert menus for Four Corners Tavern Group and previously DineAmic Group chatted with me about her cooking style, favorite sweet treats and what she loves about being a pastry chef. Check out my interview with Chef Arnold here!

Miranda Mo: Home Cook, Traveler, and Coder

“Sweetheart of the Week” Miranda Mo creates delicious homemade meals that showcase her love of rich culture, ingredients, and home away from home. Check out my interview with her here!